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Importance of Scaffolding in Construction Industry

Scaffolding holds a lot of significance as it allows one to work on structures, which are not easily reachable and sans it, making way to the top of a skyscraper will be virtually impossible. It is through scaffolding that people are able to perform different activities on different structures in a safe and secure manner.

Besides construction, scaffoldings also come in handy during maintenance and repair on lofty formations. And in construction sites that lack flat walls or roofs, scaffolding addresses the need.

Scaffoldings too have come of age and are now endowed with trendy features like automatic cantilevering systems that allow them to move on their own without any manual assistance, which also helps in making sure that workers remain safe at all times.

Scaffoldings are usually placed adjacent to a construction site or the building where repairing or maintenance is to be done. Scaffolds are often procured on a rental basis and are returned once they are no longer required.

Today, scaffolding is bound to be present at a construction site where a multi-storied building is to be erected. It allows the construction to happen fast and uninterruptedly and as mentioned before, serves as a safe platform to work on.

Scaffolding History

Scaffolding is not really a modern day phenomenon. Its genesis and use date back to the beginning of human civilization. Scaffoldings were first used in ancient Egypt for the construction of pyramids. Their usage was also identified in old Greece and Rome and the thing in question gained popularity in Europe during the medieval period.

Scaffolding acquired more significance with the commencement of the Industrial Revolution for it was required to construct factories as well other structures that the industrial economy was in need of. Today, as an intrinsic part of construction, scaffoldings are used the world over and they really facilitate the transfer of materials and protect both laborers and passersby from objects that may fall on them.

Types of Scaffolding

As far as scaffolding variants are concerned, you may find more than half a dozen types of scaffolding when you go looking for one. Here we have talked about two of the most widely used scaffoldings namely Mobile Scaffolding and Tower Scaffolding.

Mobile Scaffolding

True to its name, mobile scaffolding moves on wheels and is used extensively in construction and renovation sites. Mobile scaffolding is composed of two parts: the base that workers rest their feet on and the tower that offers support to the base. Mobile scaffolding must never be devoid of a safety system like guardrails or else the probability of a mishap will be much greater.

Tower Scaffolding

Tower scaffolding is not very different from mobile scaffolding besides being a little taller. It may or may not have wheels fitted in it.


So while scaffolding is an indispensable part of construction and renovation in today's world, its use has forever been fraught with risks. Because even a fatality is not out of question, one must be mindful of every possible hazard and safety measure to ensure that the use of scaffolding only offers benefits and causes no harm.

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